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Subtleties to Celebrate

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We had built a nice family home on a quiet ravine lot in a really walkable neighborhood. The market was quiet last year and we didn't find a buyer right away. We actually used the home as an art gallery for a bit and helped a charity project get some exposure as a result.Finally we located a great buyer who loved the location and the home. Celebration always has the best locations! Anyway today it was my pleasure to hand over the keys and get the folks oriented to the home.

The Three Little Pigs Get an Appraisal Done

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“How much per square foot?” 

It’s a super common question in our industry, one that makes most of us cringe. A home is not a sack of soybeans weighed out by the pound and flogged en masse like any other commodity. Probably one of the last products on the planet that is mostly built by hand, a home is a collection of the combined effort of hundreds of individuals and thousands of components that truly defies commodity style pricing.