Acreage Homes - Celebration Homes


Country living, on massive lots! Every acreage project is a treat to take on, because of the uniqueness of each site and the space we have to work with. With the flexibility to orientate your home exactly where it should be, without constraints of a small lot, Celebration acreages are anything but standard!

Why Work With Celebration Homes?

Acreage communities offer benefits that are difficult to find within the city. With huge lots to build on, your home can be as large as you need. Architectural guidelines, if they exist, are often a little more relaxed, allowing for an eclectic mixture of styles, with no dampers on your personal taste and preferences!

Not sure where to begin on your hunt for the perfect acreage? Not to worry—we know all the best spots, and how to find more. The Celebration team is ready to help you find the perfect place for you to call home.