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West Pointe of Windemere: Your New Home is Calling

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As a premier provider of housing for Edmonton and throughout Alberta, Celebration Homes is proud to build in communities like Westpointe of Windemere, which provide stunning real estate options to homeowners looking to settle into their very own metropolitan paradise.

Quick Possession Homes: Your Dream Set Up Awaits

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When people think about buying a new home, either as a couple, young professional, or individual looking at retirement options, there can often be quite a bit of anxiety associated with the process of a new build. While the customization and excitement of having your home crafted from the ground up can be appealing to some buyers, others find the process overwhelming.

Edmonton Infill Homes: Expanding the Neighbourhood's Potential

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If you’ve been watching the Edmonton Housing Market over the past couple of years, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard the buzz surrounding infill housing. Infill lots are increasingly growing in popularity, and while there’s still some municipal guidelines being developed to best regulate infill construction, these new developments have become a beneficial addition to the housing market for a few key reasons.