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Dr. Ragaee and Amanie Erian It was a very nice experience dealing with someone professional and understanding like yourselves. We look forward to enjoying our home for the next 100 years! 

I will probably forget to say thank you, but really the house is beautiful and the experience has been awesome. Most people who build, I've heard them say "I wouldn't do it again"—but I would. Can't wait to be back in our old neighbourhood, but in a new house that really captures the character of our family.

It really is the best possibility
we could have had. I take the
bus and hate suburbs (urban
crawl), my husband hates older
homes. My daughter misses her friends and can't wait to see them again.

The experience has been awesome!

- Grace Chitekedza

Grace I was left amazed when I passed by the house today.  The front porch and steps look great.  I really wasn't expecting that.  The quality and attention to detail just sets the house apart. 
The Hansens We like the builder RANDY he has been very good to us.  

Hello Randy, While in the mechanical room at Bill’s house, I was admiring the boiler system. Our firm does many boiler system designs for a variety of clients and we have witnessed all forms of boiler system installations. When it comes to residential applications, we find that there are far more bad installations than good ones. There are many common mistakes that house plumbers make when installing these types of boiler systems.

Bill’s house is definitely the
exception. I would consider the
installation to be outstanding.
The design and execution was
excellent. Their choices of pump configurations, glycol feeders and plumbing configurations is exactly the way it should be. This house is a textbook example of how a boiler system should be installed. If it were my house, I would execute it the exact same way.

Bill’s house is definitely the exception.

I don’t normally give feedback like this, but I was definitely struck by the quality and workmanship. I also know that the plumbers are sometimes underappreciated.

- Craig Boris, P.Eng. Senior Partner

Tammy and Jason Joanne, Thanks so much for all your efforts in working WITH us to get this theatre room all fixed up and put back together again.  Please know that we TRULY APPRECIATE your efforts, and your willingness to go that extra mile just to make it right.  Again, special thanks to Celebrations for following through and completing the job so that it looks as good as new - I'd like both you and Randy to know that we are very appreciative. It means a lot to us to know that Celebrations is responsible and accountable for the product(s) completed - and you stand by them.  Being without the theatre room has really reinforced to us how much we love the room and appreciate the opportunity to have such a cool space.  Kudos to Randy and Stephanie for the design.  Our entire family cannot wait to have our Friday movie nights again ... and will book an entire day off for movie watching 
Ken & Muriel A very special thank you for all of your ideas, your concerns and for helping us to achieve our dream home.  As we add our personal touches, it is finally beginning to feel like our home, not just a house we have moved into.  It is people like you that make this transition easier.  Thank you. 
Elisa & Wilson We were very impressed by the workmanship and the quality of our home. The staff were very good at getting back to us in a timely manner and didn't mind us following up on them. The overall experience was great. 
Ken Muriel and Kathryn Buchkowski A very special thank you to all of you for the wonderful new home that you have built for us. The listening ears for our concerns and questions and suggestions were and are greatly appreciated. Thank you for the beautiful gift basket and the floor cleaner. The house is beginning to feel like home as we add our personal touches. 
Amanda Krikke
Thanks to Celebration Homes and RAM Manufacturing Ltd, Joel was able to take his first ride in the elevator and visit all three floors of our new home. The freedom and independence this elevator will give to Joel and in turn to our family is pure joy! Thank you for the gift of this elevator, Celebration Homes! 
Ed & Berthe Sande We have recently moved into the beautiful new home your Company built for us. It has been a long, but exciting road to go through the process at our age.

Initially, Eva and Ola were very helpful and gave us confidence to enter into this venture. Added to our confidence was your direct interest and assistance, Randy. Throughout the building process, every employee of Celebration Homes were very capable, patient and helpful in selecting products, making decisions and rectifying minor problems that did occur.

Your suppliers and sub-trades were also very informative, courteous and helpful. I believe that a significant contribution to the satisfaction and harmony with the people we worked with was the higher than normal specifications and inclusions. This avoided disappointment and unexpected costs for us. I'm sure that for your employees, that also contributed to satisfaction and pride in their workmanship.

You surely have a wonderful team, all of whom we really enjoyed working with. We have, and certainly will continue to recommend Celebration Homes as a very high quality Builder.

We are also very grateful to the entire staff at Touchmark, and to the Bungalow owners who throughout the building process, when we moved in, and since, have welcomed us with open arms. We already feel like we've lived here a long time! Thank you, Randy for partnering with this great concept in Senior Living. 
Natasha Brinkmann Had our first walk through with Celebration Homes today. The president of Celebration, the site manager and our rep from the beginning Corri-Anne were all there going through every detail of our home from this stage of the build! I can't get over how customer service orientated they are from the very beginning. Looking forward to the next walk through. 
Paulette Killam I am pleased to provide this Letter of Reference for Celebration Homes Inc. I recently built a home with Randy Ettinger and moved into the Ravines of Richford Community in November 2012.

From the beginning, there was personal and frequent contact - from reviewing and selecting a floor plan to revisions along the way. I was especially impressed with the initial work and 1:1 time that was spent before the building started related to the building process and timelines (e.g., considering the options for flooring, fixtures, lighting, exterior stone, exterior and interior colors, etc). Discussing these details at the onset helped later in the process when these decisions needed to be made.

The staff worked with me to design a one-of-a-king home with many special features. My home is amazing. They were open to creative suggestions and also offered them. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring that the work was done in the best way possible was their focus. I was always able to reach Randy directly or one of the staff and have questions answered - a very important aspect when working through the building process. On-site managers were also available to meet to discuss progress.

I found the staff to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the company and their work. This is a key aspect of what makes Celebration Homes unique - that they truly love their work and strive to deliver the best possible customer experience they can. 
Brad Campbell Thank you for both your hospitality and professionalism when my family and I came by to the open house at The Ravines at Richford. People like your self are hard to come by. 

"Randy, I truly think that you and Mike Holmes could be related as you both share the same philosophy of "Doing it Right.”

Our building experience with you was everything we thought it would be and more—more good and less surprises.

We were always kept
apprised of the progress,
and any phone call or
concern we had was dealt with professionally and immediately. It was a joy to see our dreams built before our eyes.

Everything we thought it would be and more.

Well done Randy and a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- Chad, Kelly, Parker, and Elliot Knippel

Curtis Shenher You've got a couple great guys in Wayne and Mark. Wayne has really dove into our project and has taken ownership of getting the house finished, and Mark is extremely skilled and diligent. Thanks for deploying these guys! 
Ed and Rosemarie Bakker A very big thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into making sure that our experience with purchasing our home and developing our basement was a good one for us.

As we've told many times you are the reason we are here. You were our first contact with Touchmark and Celebration Homes and your dedication and enthusiasm encouraged us to look further into moving here. You helped us move through the whole process with relative ease and kept us confident that everything would work out, as it did.

During the development of the basement we depended upon you as our go-to person and our concerns were always attended to in a very timely and friendly manner. Your personality, commitment to the job and the people you look after are one of the most valuable assets Celebration Homes could have and they are very lucky to have you in their corner as are we.

Thanks for all your hard work. 
Bud & Betty S. We have consistently been impressed with your good nature and professionalism. 

"Just a note to let you know how very pleased we are with our move from Hinton to Touchmark, and how much we appreciate the many things you did to make this possible.

We realize we presented some peculiar challenges, but we think that many of these challenges would have been much greater if we did not have the benefit of email, and the professionalism of

yourself and your team.
There were some minor
communication glitches,
but nothing that detracted from this being a great experience for us.

We are very appreciative of the way in which you have taken a personal interest in us, and we are singing your praises to all our friends (who we see as also being residents of Touchmark).

A great experience for us.

Thanks again for everything, and we look forward to the next year as together we bring this house to its completion."

- Harvey and Sheila Hiller

Aki Nawata I'm writing this note to complement you and Celebration Homes for the excellent work recently completed at my residence; unit #45 in the Touchmark complex. Although the project was a very small assignment to frame and finish an extra room in the basement, the quality of work performed by your staff was first class. Your attention to detail, management of the various sub trades, and keeping me up-to-date on the scheduling was exemplary - very professional! I've been associated with the engineering and construction industry for over 50 years so I value and appreciate good management and quality of work. I am pleased that Celebration Homes will be the main contractor for the new series of homes to be constructed at Touchmark.