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Craftsmanship shows in the connections between materials. Trained as a cabinetmaker, Randy remembers long hours laboring over huge mahogany planks, which he planed by hand, ultimately shaping them into jewelry boxes and other fine pieces.  They were honed and polished until they gleamed.  Now with Celebration, we try to gleam up your new home, the same way.


Each choice you make for your home impacts the beauty and comfort you and your guests will experience there. Celebration Homes makes it easy to ensure all your choices work together in the way that you intend.

You’ll find a wealth of finishes to choose from in our beautifully designed Selection Centre at 5116 Woolsey Link. There’s no need to drive around the city to find your builders’ tiles, granite, paint, cabinets and drawers, and everything else required for the perfect home. Our Interior Designer Karla Billey will  assist you in refining your home’s look and feel.


True design is timeless. The most beloved homes are more than trendy—they reflect the hearts of the people who live and play in them. Designs that last lifetimes are based on values and ethics that ring true for all.

Working with a builder that uses environmentally sustainable materials and building practices results in beautiful design drawn from what is ethically correct for ourselves and future generations. Our homes reflect the spirit of the environmentally conscious people who live in them. With Celebration Homes, it’s easy and affordable to own a home full of character.

Randy Ettinger at the WestPointe Showhome


We are committed to delivering a great customer experience and high quality products. To do so, we ensure that our homes are constructed in a consistent manner that adheres to the top home-building standards. Each home goes through rigorous system of checklists to ensure consistent results.

Randy Ettinger, Master Builder and President of Celebration Homes, has built over 800 homes in the last 20 years, and drives the company to ensure that clients have an amazing experience from start to finish. Fully 1/3 of clients come by way of referral. A trusted expert, he has written feature columns for major news publications and currently contributes to Edmonton New Homes and Condos Magazine.