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Choosing the finishes for you new home can be fun – or frustrating – depending how you go about it!  Certainly nothing is more daunting than wading through all 14,000 available paint colors in search of that perfect tint of mint green.

We have a more high end approach to handling this work.

You’ll meet  directly with our Design Staff  to lay out the bones of your theme and your style.  Then you’ll go away for a week or so while they prepare a couple of alternate palettes that suit.  One of these palettes will be within our standard specification range; the other, within an upgrade budget range that you provide.

You’ll take a look at these finish palettes and choose your favorite, tweaking and improving as you need to, to get the ideal set of finishes for your new home, in a stress free manner, making the best use of our design professionals in the process.

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