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Building Smarter Homes!

Randy Ettinger

Posted by randy

Have you heard of smart home technology? 25 years ago, these features were talked about only in the context of science fiction movies, something future humans will enjoy off in the future. Sure there was the clapper for your lamp, but we all know how reliable those are. Today, these options are increasingly common, and many homes now include some form of smart home technology, whether it’s a smart thermostat or smart light bulbs, or something a little more powerful – and yes, they work much better than the clapper!

We often hear folks wondering what can be done these days with smart home technology.. really, your entire home can be automated and connected if you so chose! Imagine waking up to your scheduled alarm, with your lights automatically rising to 30% brightness to ease you into your day. The furnace is running too – it’s programmed to turn on before your alarm so the house is up to your set temperature once you’re up. Moving into your ensuite to get ready, you hit your programmed switch on the wall which turns on the lights, and your TV to its programmed channel, with the volume resetting to its lower setting so you don’t wake your partner – you always catch the news while you get ready, but you don’t want to accidentally disturb anyone! Once you’re done, a simple push of the button turns everything off again – easy!

Everyone has finished up breakfast and are quickly heading out for the day. Leaving the kitchen, you realize you forgot to turn off the lights & TV. Don’t worry though – your digital assistant has you covered. You call out “Hey Alexa, turn off kitchen lights”, and your lights quickly shut off! Finally, you’ve got all the kids loading into the car, and you realize you forgot to turn off lights in your office across the house. Shutting down the house while you head out could never be easier – with the push of a button, your system checks that all lights and programmed devices are off, turns your thermostat to the “away” temperature, sets the alarm, and closes your blinds. Could it get any easier?

A Celebration home is ready for all this technology, and more. Our teams can connect sprinkler systems, cameras, video doorbells, and more. All of this can be controlled with the easy to use app on your smartphone, or from a touchscreen panel on the wall. And best of all, our teams will design a system that’s perfect for your specific needs and requirements, giving you everything you want for less than you’d expect!

Come in today, and discover how a smart home can make your life as easy as snapping your fingers!


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